Visualized Cancer Medicine – introducing a dynamic, new journal “in which videos play a critical role” for presenting results and procedures

VCM aims to provide a forum for better promotion of cancer prevention, early diagnosis, and more effective cancer treatments

Paris, France, 17 September 2020: We are pleased to announce the launch of a new open access journal, Visualized Cancer Medicine (VCM). VCM is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, which publishes advances in basic, translational, and clinical studies on cancer biology, cancer prevention, cancer screening and diagnosis, cancer treatments, and cancer patient rehabilitation, with an emphasis on videos.

The launch of VCM reflects the success of video journals particularly in medical intervention and treatment planning. Video articles are a novel way of publishing content and offer many advantages including a dynamic and detailed presentation method; an accurate and comprehensive approach and an appealing medium particularly to a younger generation of medical professionals and researchers.

According to the Editors-in-Chief in their first editorial, “There are many advantages in using videos to present research findings, medical procedures, and complicated theories. The dynamic relationship of multiple elements, especially those dependent on spatial arrangement can be accurately presented… Not to mention, that some medical procedures are almost indescribable and movies are the only appropriate mode of presentation.”

The journal is open to contributions on all topics and publication fees have been waived for an initial period. Articles are presented as or with videos accompanied by written abstracts and are submitted using NESTOR, EDP Sciences’ brand-new submission system and the first to fully integrate video submissions via Cadmore Media. NESTOR offers easier, faster, safer submissions while Cadmore Media is the expert in video streaming for scholarly publishing, providing video with DOIs, descriptive metadata, and full search-text.

All articles are peer-reviewed and adhere to the strict ethical standards of the journal. A highly-respected international editorial board represents the full scope of topics covered by the journal and guarantees the quality and integrity of the results published. The editorial board is led by the well-regarded Editors-in-Chief, Professor Chao-Nan Qian, Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center and Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center; Professor Francesco Pezzella, University of Oxford and Professor Zhimin Lu, Zhejiang University.

“…we proudly launch Visualized Cancer Medicine as a peer-reviewed publication platform covering all relevant topics in which videos play a critical role for presenting the results or the procedures.” (Editors-in-Chief)

Authors will also enjoy a number of advantages offered by open access. Articles will be published under a Creative Commons (CC-BY) licence, so authors will retain copyright and be fully compliant with the open access requirements of funding organisations. VCM’s content will be open to all and disseminated widely, both nationally and internationally. By publishing in VCM, authors will reach key audiences including researchers, clinicians and trainees.

About Visualized Cancer Medicine

VCM is the official journal of the Society of Tumor Microenvironment, China Anti-Cancer Association and published by China Science Publishing & Media (CSPM), Zhongke Digital Publishing & Media (ZDP&M) and EDP Sciences.

Read the first editorial “Foreword for Visualized Cancer Medicine: The era for dynamic visuals is here”.

Read the instructions for authors.

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