Aims and scope

Visualized Cancer Medicine is an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal, which publishes the advances in basic, translational, and clinical studies on cancer biology, cancer prevention, cancer screening and diagnosis, cancer treatments, and cancer patient rehabilitation, with an emphasis on videos presenting the natural process, interventional procedure, and spatial alteration of the studied objects. The journal’s aim is to provide a forum for original research papers, reviews, clinical case studies, technological advancements, historical reflections, and commentaries on relevant topics for better promotion of cancer prevention, early diagnosis, and more effective cancer treatments.

The scope of Visualized Cancer Medicine includes, but is not limited to:

  • Novel findings in molecular mechanisms of cancer biology.
  • Scientific bases of the relationship between tumor microenvironments and treatment responses.
  • Drug delivery impacted by tumor microenvironments and other factors.
  • New approaches in investigating the onset of cancer, its promotion, and progression.
  • Cancer prevention, screening and early detection.
  • New diagnostic approaches.
  • Clinical studies on cancer treatment targeting tumor microenvironments.
  • Advances in cancer surgery.
  • Novel radiotherapy approaches, including proton and heavy ion radiotherapies.
  • Artificial intelligence in identifying cancer etiology, clinical diagnosis, and treatment planning.

Visualized Cancer Medicine is the official journal of the Society of Tumor Microenvironment, China Anti-Cancer Association.